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Enjoy a plate with smyrjubreyð and tea/coffee

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The earliest written mention of a kind of “smyrjubreyð”  can be found in the Hakonar Saga from the year 1250. This work describes how you cannot make “smyrjubreyð” during the Scandinavian winter. You have to bite from the butter and the bread alternatively.

In the middle ages, it was common to serve meals on a “plate” of bread. The custom was that people “ate the plate” at the end of the meal. Later, it became customary to place toppings of meat or sausage on the bread.

In the old days, “smyrjubreyð” was something you ate to fill the stomach, not to enjoy it. “Smyrjubreyð” achieved the status of a gourmet treat much later.